Comprehensive Pick and Pack

At Dynamic Worldwide, we offer comprehensive pick and pack services. Whether shipping direct to consumer, wholesale fulfillment to retail store or vendor managed store replenishment; orders are processed through our advanced wave pick system to maximize efficiency. Inventory is located in forward pick locations for efficient picking, checking, scanning and packing. Completed orders are located on RFID movable units for fast and efficient loading for outbound carriers. Products are identified by EAN/UPC or Sku and inventoried at a style/model, color, and fabric and size level. A variety of consumer products are handled by Dynamic Worldwide including; apparel, garment-on-hanger, accessories, beauty and cosmetics.

Value added services include; kitting, assortment assembly, price ticketing, hanger changes, quality inspection, sewing/repairs, tailoring, dry cleaning, and pressing, are provided as needed to ensure that products are shipped in perfect condition ready for the sales floor.