Dynamic Worldwide integrates a host of transportation, consolidation, distribution and warehousing services specialized to the unique demands of the fashion and retail industry.

Our focus is to expedite the movement of product through the supply-chain and into customers’ hands as cost effectively as possible. With over three million square feet of space in the U.S. and offices in China, we are an industry leader and one of the largest garment-on-hanger facilities in North America. Our warehousing and distribution facilities are flexible and expandable to handle the seasonal fluctuation of products. This enables us to lower our clients’ logistics costs by eliminating the need for owning warehousing and distribution space. Our Distribution Centers (DC’s) are multi-tiered fully fitted for rapid product movement. Products are scanned and verified, sorted by style, color and size and are subject to “best practice” inventory controls. Hanging garment deliveries arrive “store-ready.” SKU verification, scanning re-labeling, re-packing, bar coding labeling and compliance labeling are provided as required by our customers. Our IT team supports a sophisticated warehouse management system designed specifically for multi-facility, multi-client, third-party logistics operations. This system is driven by either proprietary and/or GS1US/VICS/EDI feeds from a customer’s host system.

With an impressive array of value-added services tailored to the apparel industry, including pressing, repair, re-ticketing, re-bagging and security attachments, Dynamic understands that there are higher requirements for the fashion industry than simply shipping product to stores. With integrated distribution center bypass, consolidation, international freight forwarding and transportation services, Dynamic is uniquely able to handle the important and emergent situations and logistics demands that are the key to success in today’s global marketplace.