A strong domestic road transportation service partner is critical to success in fashion retail logistics.

A service provider who can put a truck at the right location at the right time needs to be part of your team. Dynamic owns and operates a national line-haul fleet of tractors and trailers, with service to all points in North America. Our modern fleet is refreshed every three years and is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS satellite tracking systems that enable us to track each shipment around the clock. To We complement our national line-haul fleet with a fleet of line-haul equipment specialized for garment-on-hanger. Our IT infrastructure supports both EDI standard notifications as well as numerous proprietary supply-chain management systems, –thereby offering exceptional visibility of your product throughout the process at both a shipment and purchase order level. Dynamic improves the process of moving product from point A to B—making it as seamless and cost-effective as it should be.