Dynamic understands the urgency that is attached to the shipment of goods by air, and our recovery system is both expert and expeditious.

We own and operate specialized trucks equipped with rollerbed and flatbed conveyors to “sweep” the U.S. gateway airports (LAX, JFK, Miami). These multiple daily sweeps enable us to efficiently recover airfreight containers of all specifications from small size LD3s to larger M1 airline pallets. We are garment-on-hanger and carton specialists. All of our transportation is equipped with 24/7 GPS tracking and we provide advanced EDI visibility. We offer full Container Freight Station (CFS) services that enable us to utilize our assets at the airport. We make multiple, daily sweeps at every airline to recover freight in bond and transload that onto trucks, expediting the delivery of your product and gaining one to two days in the supply chain. We feature turnaround times as short as 24 hours; including pickup at the airport, strip, verify and transload to outbound carrier.

We provide full airfreight transloading services, specializing in hanging garments and flat pack apparel shipments. We are fully capable of stripping air cans, verifying contents against packing list, and providing the receiving information electronically back to our customers. We work closely with all our customers' customs house brokers to coordinate and expedite the smooth transition of inbound shipments—from the moment an aircraft lands—to our customers’ domestic distribution centers.