Dynamic’s IT team is on call and available any time of day or night.

We offer the latest, most advanced systems to support the movement of your product around the world and around the corner. We offer exceptional visibility throughout the entire process via EDI alerts, which clients can receive at key benchmarks in the movement of the goods. Our IT systems support security, GPS tracking, facility camera systems and yard management systems. Our warehouse management systems support receiving, inventory, control scanning, compliance labeling, routing, shipping, real-time RFID locating, document imaging and proof of deliveries. Forwarding international customs clearance data moves via AS1/FTP, AS2, web-access GS1US/VICS/EDI and proprietary files. Our IT infrastructure is real-time and redundant (fault-tolerant).


For Major retailers in the United States we utilize the GS1US/VICS guidelines practices and specifications. This enables us to take advantage of improvements to retail supply-chain effectiveness to provide our customers with better anticipation of and reaction to changes in consumer demand–and ultimately resulting in improved sales and higher margins.

We’ve also implemented customer specific proprietary EDI transaction sets that enable us to tailor the movement of data to and from our customers resulting in improved sales and higher margins.