Dynamic owns and operates an extensive fleet of local tractors and drivers at the gateway ports-of-entry in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida.

We provide daily ocean container recovery at all piers and domestic railheads, for transport directly to our customers’ distribution centers and warehouses. In addition, we also provide local distribution and warehousing services to our customers if needed. Event updates are provided via the web or an EDI transaction status notification at a delivery order, shipment, PO or carton level.

As part of our CTPAT certificate, we constantly monitor to ensure compliance with the rules, procedures, and industry standards that govern the safe and secure handling and processing of ocean shipments and containers. In addition to handling all types of consumer products, we are a recognized industry specialist for GOH (Garment-on-Hanger) and fashion apparel handling including ocean container loading, unloading, processing and transportation. We have more than 20 years of experience in the handling of fashion products to ensure they arrive in floor-ready, saleable condition.

We also offer a complete range of integrated services including:

  • Ocean container trans-loading services, including GOH and Cartons
  • Reconciliation at the SKU level or apparel style/color/size level
  • For retail department stores, compliant pick-and-pack and distribution services at the store/door level
  • On-site facilities for repairs, woven dry cleaning, pressing, woven label change, ticketing, bagging, hanger changes, etc.
  • An efficient, economical air and ocean consolidation service
  • Stage and release programs for future delivery date and new store openings
  • Transload and release programs to distribution centers and via common carriers