Dynamic owns and operates bonded Container Freight Station (CFS) services, warehouses, and transload centers located at the airports and nearby steamship line piers.

Services include; AMS customs entry and release, freight recovery, de-consolidation and consolidation. Our airport freight management teams and operations are well known in the airport and pier community for ensuring speed, reliability and full accountability. We work closely with all our customers' House Brokers and Forwarders to coordinate and expedite the smooth transition of inbound shipments from the moment an aircraft lands or a ship docks. Dynamic provides complete airfreight and ocean freight trans-loading services for all cargo, and in addition are a specialists in handling garment-on-hanger (GOH) and fashion merchandise. Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours, including pickup at the airport or pier, strip, verify and trans-load to an outbound carrier.

Our CFS operations take full advantage of our nationwide transportation resources to expedite the flow of product especially during industry peak seasons.