With growing concerns about the cost and environmental impact of its supply chain, large manufacturer/retailer Warnaco seeks assistance from Dynamic.


Dynamic began a transload program for the client. By quickly loading all ocean freight bound for North America, Warnaco maximized expensive container space. At arrival, shipments were split for product that was bound for Mexican and Canadian Distribution centers. Since Dynamic is a customs-bonded carrier, product could be separated while clearing customs simultaneously; this increased the speed of delivery and eliminated the shipping of partially-full containers. Air freight for rush orders were also married in order to keep everything moving at the required speed without sending separate trucks.


Dynamic was able to reduce ocean freight mileage by 360,000 annual miles for a 49.4% reduction in fuel used and CO2 emissions. The air freight recovery saved an additional 57,000 annual miles for a 36.7% reduction in fuel used and CO2 emissions. The success in expediting the product reaped very real benefits to the environment.